You have to credit this one for having a good heart and even better intentions. She came across what she thought was a dog that was hit by a car and rescued him. Later, she found out that she had actually rescued a wild coyote.

If you're not up on your Spanish, here's what Andrea said according to Google Translate:

Coyote Pancho Today begins a 5-day treatment to see if he can regain mobility in his back legs

The Epoch Times was one of the media outlets which saw Andrea's sweet story and shared it.

Did Andrea really do the right thing? The Humane Society advises against humans interacting with coyotes. They discuss how coyotes are nocturnal and are not often seen by people. While attacks are rare, the concern about a person picking up a coyote is the possibility of rabies.

I'm not exactly fluent with my Spanish translations, but my understanding is that Andrea and some that commented were theorizing that sometimes a wild animal in distress can detect when a human is trying to help it. I have no idea about that being accurate, but I appreciate Andrea's heart and her willingness to try and help an animal that's injured. World needs more people with soft hearts.

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