There are no words. Well, I guess there are these words. There is video showing a kangaroo in Montana. Yes, a kangaroo in Montana.

Lois Linn shared this remarkable video on NBC Montana's Facebook page. It speaks for itself.

Yes, that's an actual Montana. Not with Crocodile Dundee in Australia where we normally see kangaroos. As it turns out, it's not the first time. The Billings Gazette shared a story about a driver that had to swerve to avoid hitting a kangaroo in northern Montana.

It's worth noting that they also confirmed with Montana Game and Fish that it's very illegal to have a kangaroo as a pet. The fact someone needs to be told this is remarkable.

This story gets even better. After some kangaroo research (I highly recommend you do this sometime), there are such a thing as "ghost kangaroos" in the US according to the website Kangaroo Facts. They're not really ghosts, but just random kangaroo sightings that happen but the animals are not allowed to be located.

In case your day hadn't been weird enough already, here you go. Kangaroos (maybe ghost kangaroos) in Montana. You are welcome.

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