I have to admit that I don't know a lot about lynx. I am certain they are cats and they're pretty. Based on a new video shared by a woman who had two lynx in her backyard, I now know they're not easily intimidated.

Here's the backstory. This lady looked out her back door and saw two lynx who were alarmingly close to her animals, so she attempted to shoo them away. This is what happened.

Here's part of what she had to say about the lynx encounter:

I was trying to chase the Lynx away because I had a small dog and bunnies, but those lynx had just ignored me. This was happened in my backyard.

It's worth noting that she lives in Alaska which is about the wildest place in the world when it comes to fierce predators living near you. These two cats barely blink as she shakes her broom at them.

I decided to research how dangerous (or not) lynx are to humans. The San Diego Zoo has some interesting lynx facts. They mention that lynx normally avoid humans, but can be dangerous if they are cornered and/or threatened. My guess is these two lynx in her backyard might have been hungry due to a lack of food sources which made them harder to convince to leave quietly.

Fortunately, this lynx to person conflict ended with no humans, pets or lynx harmed.

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