What would you do if you walked into your friendly neighborhood grocery store or pharmacy and saw a sign that clearly stated "Guns Are Welcome Here"? Would you leave said establishment or would you lovingly pat the holster at your side with one hand while holding your child's hand with the other as you merrily strolled down the aisles?

This video was posted on the YouTube account for Roanoke Rapids, NC website www.northeasternsafetysupply.com, whose tagline is: the safety and security equipment source for police, fire and rescue. The full sign reads: "GUNS ARE WELCOME ON THE PREMISES. PLEASE KEEP ALL WEAPONS HOLSTERED UNLESS NEED ARISES. IN SUCH CASE, JUDICIOUS MARKSMANSHIP IS APPRECIATED."

The 'Guns Welcome' signs start at $19.00 and go up to $35.00 and as stated in the video, can be shipped anywhere.

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