R.I.N.O. (Republican In Name Only).

Since the only way to get elected to most any office in Wyoming is to be a member of the Republican Party, many who have political aspirations just put the letter "R" by their name and claim to be a Republican.

Some actually think of themselves as conservative Republicans, but when asked about their points of view it turns out they are probably in the wrong party.

There is a website WyoRINO.com that has a list of who they think Wyoming RINO's are and why not to vote for them.

The following list is their opinion. You can accept their standards or use your own.

attachment-WyoRINO LIST

WOW, that's a long list of rejects.

From their website:

Before we get into the weeds, we would like to remind you that WyoRINO is in no way affiliated with the Wyoming Republican Party. Rather, our mission remains intent on exposing elected state policy-makers who ran as Republicans but failed to adhere to Wyoming Republican values, resolutions and platform.

Below that you can see why these Republicans have made the naughty list.

Though what must be taken into account is why some people vote no on some bills. It's not always a matter of disagreeing with the concept. Perhaps the bill has some language that needs to be changed. Maybe the bill could not make it into the last legislative session due to timing. Our Wyoming sessions are short for a reason.

Wyo Legislature
Karen Snyder, Townsquare Media

It is a good idea to talk to your local elected officials to find out why they are for or against a bill.

WyoRino.com also issues this disclaimer on their site:

We encourage readers to examine how their own state legislators voted on each of the ten key measures. Ride for the Brand, Wyoming believes that a score below 70% indicates a RINO legislator. In the world of education, anything below 70% is considered a failing grade and we agree.

Besides their list, you can use this site's "scoreboards" to see how your elected officials voted and decide for yourself if the person representing you really represents your political points of view.

These scorecards simply put a plus or minus symbol under the bill's number and next to the name of the elected official to show if they voted for or against the bill. The rest of the research is up to you.

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