There is a new video that shows a forest full of bears. And, when I say "forest full of bears", I really mean it.

Note to self: If I ever go to Finland, better pack a pallet full of bear spray. I doubt that would do me much good in this case. According to the video description, this is not a sanctuary or zoo. It's just a forest that is chock full of brown bears.

This inspired me to Google "bears in Finland" which led me to a website called Wild Finland. According to them, there are between 1200 and 1500 bears in Finland. If that's true, they must all be in this forest. To give you an idea how many bears this is in such a small area, that Finland number is around double the amount of grizzlies in Yellowstone as Wikipedia says is just over 700. Wow.

Bear watching is quite the activity in Finland. The Visit Finland website has a huge page dedicated with where and how to do it. Good luck with that, Finnish peoples.

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