Pro-wrestler Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters was able to save his mother Wednesday night, when he pulled a tree up by the roots, and used it to gain entry into his mom's burning home.

Pro wrestling may be scripted for entertainment, but former WWE Wrestler Chris Masters, whose real name is Chris Mordetzky, is a REAL LIFE HERO!

Wednesday night Chris's uncle called and said that one of his mom's neighbors freaked out and broke into her apartment. The neighbor had barricaded them both inside and was threatening to burn the house down. Chris rushed over, and when he got to his mom's home, the crazy neighbor... SET THE HOUSE ON FIRE!

Looking for some way to get his mom out of the house, Chris used all of his strength and pulled a tree out of the ground, he threw it through a window. Chris reached in and pulled his mother to safety. The LAPD showed up and arrested the neighbor.

He tweeted some pics of his injuries, and the house...


If you are curious, he also tweeted about the psycho that tried to kill his mom...