Yes, Wyoming's weathermen were trapped at work, just like the headline says.

No, they were not caught off guard. They planned for this... mostly.

At the National Weather Service office in Cheyenne, WY forecasters have been trapped in their facility since Saturday due to impassible roads and vehicles buried beneath heavy snow.

The storm was record breaking for the entire region. Cheyenne picked up 30.8 inches, 28 of which came down within a 24-hour window. A whopping 22.7 inches fell Saturday. That was the single-greatest one day snow total since the start of bookkeeping in 1935. 

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"A good amount of us have been here since Saturday morning," said Matthew Brothers, a meteorologist at the Cheyenne office, reached via phone early Wednesday. "We are in the process of packing up right now and getting out now that the road got cleared late last night." (SFGate).

So, how do 6 Wyoming meteorologists get snowed in at the office through the weekend when they clearly saw it coming? It's because they were working in 12-hour shifts to keep up with distributing much needed information to the public.


"Most of us were definitely preparing for at least two to three days," Brothers said. "For most of us now, we always have enough for four days. We had plenty of food in the office, but people don't normally go without a shower for five days . . . but we just have extra pairs of clothes."  (SFGate).


The office is now mostly empty and a bit more quiet. Roads have been cleared enough to let these folks go home.

Wyoming Shelter Dogs Having Fun In The Snow

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