This year has been unusually dry and hot...and the result has been Red Flag warnings across the state of Wyoming.

Those of us that have lived here for many years know that it's the simplest things that can start a fire in these conditions.

A hot tailpipe from a car, a random spark from your BBQ...they can all spell danger.

But, I've NEVER heard of an arrow starting a prairie fire until now.

In this video from That's Bowhunting, a YouTube Channel dedicated to all things to do with bow hunting, things start out normally enough.

The camera is set on a bowhunter stalking an Antelope when suddenly the men filming notice a fire beginning to burn right next to the hunter.

Watch and see what happens...

Did you hear him say what caused the fire?

The hunter's first shot missed the Antelope, grazed a rock, and the dry conditions that simple spark was enough to start a fire.

Thankfully they noticed with enough time to stomp out the fire and put it out by kicking dirt on it, but those of us watching could see that even waiting a few moments longer would have resulted in disaster.

Nice work guys, and for sure a lesson for fellow bow hunters to keep in mind.

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