Boone Donley is your typical Wyoming kid.

He's a 9-year-old boy that loves all things Cowboy, and can often be found playing in the dirt and wide open spaces of the Prairie.

Last year, Boone's classmates began to bully him. It started as name calling and soon escalated to physical violence.

The result was, Boone no longer wanted to attend school.

His mother became more and more frustrated when Boone told her that he was doing everything both she and his teacher recommended and it still wasn't stopping the bullying.

Eventually, Boone talked to his principal who put a stop to the bullying once and for all.

When we asked Boone how it felt to have the principal stand up for him he told us it felt good to enjoy school again. The bullies were reprimanded, and he again felt safe.

Rather than let his experience turn him bitter, Boone told his mom he wanted to do something to help other kids that are being bullied.

They came up with their "Buck Off Bullying" campaign and went to work spreading the word about what kids can do if they're being bullied, and how they can stand up for others.

Courtesy of Lauren Doley
Courtesy of Lauren Doley

Boone wants to encourage children that are being bullied to talk to an adult they trust and ask for help.

He also encourages other children to stand up for their peers that are being bullied, and if they don't feel comfortable with that, they should go to an adult they trust with their problem.

Boone hopes to get as many Cowboy and Cowgirls as he can to wear his "Buck Off Bullying" stickers and to promote their anti-bullying campaign.

On Lemonade Day (June 22) Boone will have a lemonade stand at our local Murdoch's. All of the proceeds will go towards creating more "Buck Off Bullying" gear.

They want to spread their message statewide and hope to have enough funds to offer scholarships to rodeo camps for children that have been victims of bullying.

Chancey Williams and the Younger Brother Band, Racca's, Rowdy Ridge Boutique, Montana Silversmiths and several other businesses have donated items for a "Buck Off Bullying" raffle. You can purchase tickets for this raffle at Boone's Lemonade stand and you can keep tabs of Boone's "Buck off Bullying" anti-bullying campaign by following them on Instagram.

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