Somehow I allowed information pertaining to the Wyoming Brewers Festival to pass me by. Not intentionally of course, but I'm a little disappointed in myself for not know when this was announced. I just wanted to be able to pass the information along to you when it was hot off the presses, ya know?

If my math is correct, we're looking at 28 Breweries to give us a taste of what they're doing in their respective brewhouses. It's also looking like we'll have 7 states, including Wyoming, represented in the festival. Let's take a look at the breweries so far for the 2021 Wyoming Brewers Festival.


Accomplice Beer Company

Altitude Chophouse And Brewery

Black Tooth Brewing

Bonds Brewing Company

Coal Creek Tap

Cowboy State Brewing

Danielmark's Brewing Company

Freedom's Edge Brewing Company

Gruner Brothers Brewing

Melvin Brewing

Open Barrel Brewing Company

Smith Alley Brewing Company

Snake River Brewing

Snowy Mountain Brewery

WYOLD West Brewing Company

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Breckenridge Brewery

Denver Beer Company

Great Divide Brewing Co.

Left Hand Brewing Co.

New Belgium Brewing

Odell Brewing Co.

Prost Brewing Co.

Sparge Brewing 


Alaskan Brewing Company


Lagunitas Brewing Company






Dechutes Brewery

Whoa! That's a bunch of breweries, and they're really good breweries from across the country. You might have to buy passes for both days, just to be able to try beers from all of the breweries that are being represented that weekend. You can find ticket info here and more info on the breweries here, you know, in case they decide to add more breweries between now and when the festival happens. I wouldn't be mad.


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