The Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) plans to return to normal operations at its facilities because COVID-19 cases are decreasing across the state and country.

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Based on the press release by the WDOC, they returned to normal visitation rules on March 1, classroom, programming, and groups have their size limits returned to normal, and volunteers will be allowed back into the facilities after completing annual training.

Dan Shannon, director of the WDOC, stated in the press release that they are evaluating easing further restrictions, and those easements will be reversed if there's an outbreak at any facility.

Paul Martin, the deputy administrator of the transparency division for the WDOC, said they currently don't have any details on which restrictions are being considered, and they don't have a specific number for how many cases are at a facility constitute an outbreak.

Throughout the pandemic, there have been several cases of outbreaks at WDOC facilities, leading to eight inmate deaths due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 cases, deaths, and hospitalizations have all fallen over the past few months in Wyoming and across the country in varying degrees.

On Feb. 7, Wyoming reported 880 new cases, down from an all-time high of 4,085 cases on Jan. 18, down to 467 cases on Feb. 22, and 83 new cases on March 1, the lowest since July.

Deaths in Wyoming meanwhile have not fallen as much, going from 46 on Jan. 4, to 25 on Feb. 1, and 23 on March 1, though nationally deaths have fluctuated, going from 2,362 on Jan. 4, up to 3,582 on Feb. 1, and down to 1,933 on March 1.

Hospitalizations in Wyoming have similarly fluctuated, going from 60 COVID-19 patients in Wyoming hospitals on Jan. 1, up to a three-month high of 167 on Feb. 1, and down to the lowest number since June of 36 on March 3.

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