Kids in the western part of Wyoming got a special kit to look at and take home.


Wyoming is one of the more geologically active states in the nation. It has hundreds of earthquakes every year. Most of them are never felt by humans.

Now and then there is a tremor big enough to wake somebody up in the middle of the night, or maybe just rattle some windows.

At some point, Wyoming will have a serious quake. It's not a matter of if, but when.

That's why the state is handing out quake kits to school kids. Might as well arm them with some information.

Most of Wyoming's seismic activity happens in the western part of the state. Blame Yellowstone and the Tetons for that. But there are a few other hot spots.

The Wyoming Office of Homeland Security is dolling out about 200 earthquake preparedness kits to schools in Teton and Lincoln Counties. Both are in areas geologists have identified as high risk for earthquakes. Ashley Paulsrud, the grants and finance section chief for the agency, stressed that there is not an immediate threat. (Wyoming Public Media). 

“It is just a preparedness kit that is designed for 72 hours for a family of four,” she said. “It has things like flashlights, batteries, radios. It has emergency first aid, shelter supplies, water filtration, tablets, fluorescent light sticks, matches gloves, pocket survival guide and a five in one whistle.” (WPM).

The idea of giving these kits to kids it to help them understand at an early age. Then they bring these kits home to their parents to remind them of what they live over.

“Students are a very valuable avenue for us when we're talking community preparedness,” she said. “They can take what they learn in school and they take it back to their families and their friends.” (WPM).

That last notable earthquake in Wyoming happened back in 1959. That one was a magnitude 6.5 in Yellowstone National Park. An aftershock that quake killed 28 people in Montana.

Yellowstone has yearly "earthquake swarms." Most of these little quakes are not felt by humans.

The "earthquake swarms." phenomenon is related to the transport of volcanic fluids under the park.

The largest earthquake swarm in Yellowstone occurred in 1985, with over 3000 occurring in just 3 months.

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