Who wants cake? Everyone loves cake? It's impossible not to. It goes with every occasion, every celebration, especially birthdays. It's like the biggest ingredient for anyone's birthday. Or if you need to bring something to any kind of party, you can never go wrong with cake. So what is Wyoming's favorite cake? You might be surprised to know that it's the only state that chose this particular favorite in the Cowboy State.

As it turns out, the Shane Co. decided to do the research and find every state's favorite cake. That's the same Shane Co. that people seek out when they're looking for engagement rings. They're the jeweler conglomerate. But for this particular research, using Google trends, they wanted to see what the most popular type of cake is for each state.

The most popular cake in the U.S. seems to be Ice Cream Cake. Of course it is, it combines two amazing things. That was the most popular in the most states (10). However, one of those states was not Wyoming. A surprise second place finisher as a favorite of seven states, Strawberry Cake was next on the list. And then Molten Lava Cake was the third most popular as a favorite in five states.

Angel Food Cake and Sponge Cake were a favorite in three states each while Carrot Cake, Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake, Devil's Food Cake, Funfetti Cake, Pound Cake, and Pumpkin Spice Cake were all the most popular in two states each. So what is Wyoming's favorite?

It turns out that the most popular cake in the Cowboy State is German Chocolate Cake. That wouldn't be my first guess for Wyoming at all. In fact, it seems pretty random. It seems pretty oddly specific. But now you know what dessert to bring the next time you're asked to bring something to a party. If they think it's an odd thing to bring, go ahead and let them know that it's the most popular type of cake throughout Wyoming. I mean even Steve Harvey likes German Chocolate Cake...

I mean, he's no Wyomingite, but that's one celebrity who's definitely down for German Chocolate Cake.

Whatever your favorite cake is from a personal standpoint, enjoy it, Wyoming!

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