The Wyoming Lottery Corp. has announced that effective today, May 21, it is now accepting applications from Wyoming retail business owners who want to sell Powerball® and Mega Millions® tickets at their retail locations.

Wyoming retail business owners have several options for applying to become a WyoLotto™ retailer. Retailers can:


  1. Fill out and submit an application online at
  2. Download and print a retailer application at and return it to the Wyoming Lottery Corporation in person or by mail
  3. Pick up an application in person at the Lottery's office and return it to the Wyoming Lottery Corporation in person or by mail
  4. Request an application be sent by mail by calling the Wyoming Lottery at 307.432.9300


Properly completed and vetted applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Jon Clontz, Wyoming Lottery's Chief Executive Officer said,

"Making the retailer application available at 10 a.m. this morning is an exciting step that brings us that much closer to selling Powerball and Mega Millions tickets when the Wyoming Lottery goes live on August 24th,We've worked closely with retailers throughout the state to get to this point and we appreciate their input. To make sure applicants stay in the loop, we'll contact them within 48 hours after we receive their application."

Clontz notes that due to the volume of detailed information required of retail business owners, completing the application will probably take 30 minutes or more.

"Once retailers begin the application process online, they should be prepared to complete it in a single session, If they close their browser or their computer goes to sleep before submitting the application, they'll have to start over. That's why I recommend that retailers go to, download and print the application and review it first to make sure they have all the required information handy before beginning the online application process."

Applications submitted in person or by mail should be directed to: Wyoming Lottery Corporation, Attn: Retail Contracts, 1620 Central Ave, Suite 100, Cheyenne, WY 82001.

Wyoming retailers with questions about the WyoLotto application or the application process are urged to contact the Wyoming Lottery at 307.432.9300.

The Wyoming Lottery is slated to begin selling Powerball and Mega Millions tickets on August 24.