It has been a year since I went through a break up that involved me getting custody of a cat. I have always been a "dog guy," but while living with multiple cats, I soon found myself becoming a feline fan. While in the relationship, my girlfriend took care of all the maintenance of the cats. Scooping, grooming, bathing and feeding. All I had to do was sit back and enjoy the snuggles. After parting ways with my ex, I was left with one of the cats. I soon realized, after taking on all the maintenance, I was not a full blown "cat guy." Thankfully, I had a close friend who was, and convinced him to adopt my fluffy friend. It was the best choice I could have made, as my little friend is VERY happy in his new cat friendly home.

As it turns out, our state is full of Cat Lovers. Our friends at Estately put together a Top 10 list of the best states for Cat Lovers. As always, Estately crunched the numbers and data to figure out what states should make the list. Estately calculated average lifespans of cats, percentage of households with cats, Facebook “likes” for cats, frequency of heartworm disease, number of no-kill shelters, and other factors to determine their list.

Here is what Estately discovered about cat lovers in Wyoming. Which ranked at #4

Even if it wasn’t the location of the true and touching tale of an orphaned coyote that became best friends with cat, Wyoming would still be up top on this list of cat-friendly states due to having the most no-kill shelters per capita of any state in America.

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