Our tax burden is the lowest in the nation.

No one likes taxes. Is it safe to say that without huge repercussions? We like our hard-earned money to stay in our pockets. Luckily we live in a great state for doing that.

Wyoming is the most tax-friendly state in the country.

This is according research done by Kiplinger and published in their recent 2017 Tax Map. They found that the Cowboy state is the best state to live in when it comes to taxes. Kiplinger sites the revenue that the state collects from oil and mineral rights. Couple this with no state income taxes nor a statewide lodging tax and we're sitting pretty.

When you look at other taxes, Wyoming isn't too shabby across the board. Wyoming does not have an inheritance tax or an estate tax. In addition, we have the lowest beer taxes in the country at $0.02 per gallon.

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