Leisl Carpenter, a Wyoming rancher, is suing the Biden Administration and the Department of Agriculture for race discrimination under the US Constitution.

The lawsuit is in response to a “Rescue Plan”, which is meant to be a loan forgiveness program, but the program explicitly bars participation by white people.

Carpenter, is 29-year-old and inherited a ranch near Laramie. She is represented by Mountain States Legal Foundation and the Southeastern Legal Foundation. In the suit, she says that she wants to be treated fairly and not discriminated against due to her race.

The Biden administration's American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, provides $4 billion to forgive loans to those they see as “socially disadvantaged” ranchers and farmers. To the administration, that means no white ranchers allowed. But there is a little problem with the Constitution’s guarantee of Equal Protection under the Fifth Amendment.

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“Like a lot of farmers and ranchers, our client has struggled to keep her family ranch afloat through all the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, only to learn that she is ineligible to even apply for Biden’s loan forgiveness program solely due to her race,” said MSLF Associate General Counsel William E. Trachman Tuesday. “Instead of being rescued by Biden’s plan, she’s been excluded and discriminated against for no other reason than the color of her skin.” (MLF Press Release).

“Making skin color the basis of a government benefit is not only unconstitutional: it is also morally wrong,” added Trachman. “One simply cannot promote racial justice by perpetuating racial injustice.  The way to end discrimination is to stop discriminating.”

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