Guys may have thought they missed what poeple saw in Blake Shelton, or what People Weekly saw, that made him a 10. Don’t worry, we’re not crazy. Wyoming women also did not really come to Blake's defense. Maybe we both think, “Oh, that was just People Weekly. They have to call someone ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’ It can’t be Matt McConaughey every year.”

So, most of us cowboys and cowgirls agree with Stephen Colbert, who said, “Don’t get me wrong. Blake isn’t a bad looking guy. In fact, I’ll give him a solid 7, but …”

In our poll results questioning Sexiest Man Alive, here’s how it broke down:

No, he may even be a solid 8, but he’s no 10. …….. 93.33 Percent

Yes, Blake does it for me, and he’s pretty tall. ……….. 6.67 Percent

BAM! Our work her is done.

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