Even though they can cause quite a stink, even a baby skunk needs help from a friend. The cute little skunk in the WNEP News video below is from the Western Part of Wyoming and got into a bad situation.

Wildlife Rescuer John Ackourey says he feels the poor little skunk was chased into the rough situation by a predator and had no choice but to go into the water to stay alive. Skunks normally would prefer to stay away from the water, but experts from Wildlife-Removal say that skunk have the ability to swim, just choose not to if they don't have to.

We all know what happens when a skunk (young or old) feels threatened or afraid...yep, they spray that horrible spray that stinks to high heaven! During the rescue, Ackourey was able to sneak up on the skunk before taking the brunt of the stink directly. It wasn't until after the little guy was in a closed bag, that he let it loose. Even though it wasn't a direct hit, you can only imagine how awful being that close to the skunk would be. Fortunately, no bystanders were sprayed, just had to handle the horrible smell for a little bit of time while the skunk was in their possession.

Luckily Ackourey is a professional wildlife rescuer and knows the ins and outs of what is best for the critter. After a little nudging, he was able to convince the skunk to run off into a wooded area nearby where he would be safe and dry.

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