I really don't mind commercials.

First of all, they give you a chance to run and use the bathroom or grab another bag of chips or refill your water.

Second, some of them are actually better than the show you're watching (yes I AM talking about the Super Bowl).

I generally don't take time to watch commercials on YouTube, yet when I came across a recently created one that combined gorgeous Wyoming Scenery, the Addams Family Theme song and a gang of Rv's I HAD to watch it.

And let me tell you I wasn't disappointed, and things got even better when I came across a behind-the-scenes video of the commercial a few days later.

That's when I knew I had to share it all with you.

Let's start with the commercial itself.

I mean, how cool was that?

I think my favorite part was the grills, or the family snapping at the same time...because the one kiddo looked a bit puzzled by it all.

When I saw that one of the participating RVers (is that even a real word) created a behind-the-scenes look at the filming I knew I HAD to watch it because I wanted to see how they got all of the sound and motion to work together.

As I started to watch the video I immediately began to laugh, because like every other tourist in the world the RVers got lost multiple times while in Wyoming.

And they had issues with the dusty dirt roads...something I don't even notice after more than 20 years living here.

Just like I had hoped, the video also shows how the sound effects and film in the commercial were created, and even gave us an up-close look at how many people it really takes to create a one-minute video.

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes video and then let me know through the app what you thought about it.

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