It's fascinating when we get the chance to see the moon with its celestial events throughout every year. But when an eclipse happens, it's that much more stunning to see. Especially when it's going to be the longest one that we will get to see for quite awhile.

The last solar eclipse that we were able to see was August 21, 2017. The next one of those is not to be seen until July 22, 2029. Therefore, the next eclipse that we will get to see this next month will not be a 'solar' eclipse, but it will be the alternative, a lunar eclipse.

We all know what kind of advantage we have in Wyoming with being able to have clear looks at the night sky. It just so happens that the next lunar eclipse that will be visible for Wyoming is a 'Blood Moon' (also a 'Flower Moon' because of May). The moon will look an eerie reddish color for a full 84 minutes.

Both North America and South America will get the full view. But as mentioned, we know the advantages we have in Wyoming of the clearer skies than most locations. Especially if you were to make your way away from the bigger cities.

The total lunar eclipse can only happen when a full moon passes through the Earth's shadow in space. While it's noted in the above tweet that it will be May 15th into the 16th, for at least some of North America. However, for us in the Mountain Time Zone, we will see it take place from 9:29 p.m. to 10:53 p.m. on Sunday, May 15th. It will also be the longest until a 102 minute lunar eclipse on June 26, 2029.

There is also a second 'Blood Moon' total lunar eclipse happening in 2022. However, it will not be as long. That one isn't happening until November 16th and will only be visible for the West Coast of North America, along with Australia, and southeast Asia.

But this 'Blood Flower Moon' as it's being dubbed will be in the night skies over Wyoming for a full 84 minutes on the night of May 15th. Take advantage and look up, Wyoming!

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