A Wyoming lady thought it would be funny to pole dance with a tree the day after Thanksgiving. That turned out to be a lapse in judgment.

Here's the story as told by her brother who was apparently the guy who shared the video:

I was filming my sister when we were our Christmas tree hunting. She tried pole dancing on a tree and it broke and she fell. She was doing it as a joke but it turned into a fail. The end result is her falling over and luckily she wasn’t hurt.

Guessing that "practicing for my next career" title is now regrettable.

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You know your pole dancing attempt has not gone well when you scare your dog and he tries to come to your rescue. The dog looks legitimately concerned. Funny that no one seems concerned about the tree though.

If you do a search for "how to pole dance" (don't do it), you won't see any tips that recommend trying it on a tree. Curious.

As you might imagine, the YouTube comments have been very sympathetic. Oh, wait. No, they haven't.

Chase 99 - "It's a sign don't be strippers"

Everyone's a critic. I say you go girl. Can't fault a lady for trying.

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