That’s right, we love our BBQ here, or to eat BBQ, here. That’s what was found in a study by Zippia. Wyoming ranks as one of the top lovers of BBQ in the country. While I don’t deny this fact, and it is a fact, I read the research, I haven’t seen many BBQ places in my time in the Cowboy State. But, there are stats that back it up, and who am I to dispute research? 

Here’s how Zippia found their top BBQ loving states: 

Summer is for BBQs. To find out which states are eating the most meats slathered in delicious bbq sauce this summer and upcoming Labor Day weekend, we ranked each state in 2 areas: 

BBQ restaurants per capita 

Search volume for: Brisket, ribs, BBQ, and BBQ sauce 

Our data on search volume comes from Google Trends. To see where each state stands when it comes to BBQ restaurants, we used Estately’s rankings from YellowPages. 

Ok, that makes more sense, if we look at places to get a good slab of ribs, Rib and Chophouse in Cheyenne and Laramie is a great place, also Altitude. I can dig that, maybe I’ll have to branch out and get myself some ribs this holiday weekend and decide that for myself.  

According to the ranking, Wyoming landed at #4, following #1 Montana, #2 Kansas(really?) and #3 Missouri(you have to get those KC ribs). If you want mediocre, middle of the road BBQ, head down to Colorado, they landed at #16, amateurs. 

Also, if anyone wants to point me in the direction of a great BBQ place, let me know!

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