We needed the snow. Nobody's going to complain about that.

Could have done without those minus forty-degree temperatures.

But suddenly it's over and, wow, nice weather.

Or is it?

Did you step outside yesterday and think "Oh this feels nice." You would not have been saying that when these same temperatures first arrived.

This week's weather will bring us typical temperatures for this time of year. It just feels a lot better after the Arctic blast we just went through.

There will not be much in the way of snow in this week's forecast. Not zero chance, just a very low chance.

Below is regional weatherman Don Day's forecast for this week.

Most of the snow in Wyoming will be on the western side of the state.

Temperatures stabilizing means less wind, but not none. Just breezy.

The eastern side of the nation just went through a major winter blast, including heavy snow. They are still battling bitter-cold temperatures.

The West Coast and western mountain areas are getting hammered right now, as you read this.

Martha is just a little suspicious of this nice weather.

Senior woman looking out of her kitchen window with a cup of tea in hand.

But just like earlier this season, we here in the West are in a bubble of nice weather.

Enjoy it while you can.

Another big blast of winter will come our way. Conditions are aligning. It will happen.

Expect changes by the end of this month when we return to more of a when we return to more of a wet and brutally cold winter pattern.

The West's high mountains have had plenty of snow. That last blast we had made sure of it.

The northern part of Wyoming and Montana are missing out on that snowy action, which is typical when we are in a La Niña phase like we are in right now.

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