As President's, Princes and Prime Ministers crowded the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. to pay their respects to former President George H. W. Bush, leave it to former Wyoming senator Alan Simpson to lighten the mood on a somber day.

Chosen by the late President himself to deliver one of the eulogies today, Simpson spent 11-plus minutes regaling the crowd with stories of his long friendship with George Bush.

From his early days as a Wyoming Senator in 1979, through a tough patch in his political career, to their shared memories in retirement, Simpson spoke warmly, and of course humorously of the man he simply called his friend.

Historian John Meacham, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulrooney and former President George W. Bush delivered the other speeches, but it was Simpson who the late President called upon to lift everyone's spirits Wednesday.

As the video shows, that he did with his usual dry wit and perfect timing.

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