We are all excited for what is about to hit us within the next two months. Cheyenne Frontier Days is just a couple weeks away! Then, just a few weeks later, it's the Wyoming State Fair! We're going to be pretty spoiled over the next couple months. That also goes for the amount of fair food we are going to have available. But what is Wyoming's best fair food?

Cheyenne Frontier Days revealed plenty of great fair foods they will have on hand recently. And we couldn't be more excited to try out their full menu we'll be exposed to.

However, according to the Food Network, Wyoming's best food fair is at the fair that will be taking place in the middle of August. The Wyoming State Fair earned some praise from the Food Network for their variety of food vendors. They even picked out their favorite item from the Wyoming State Fair, which is the Rotary Club Hamburger. Here's what the Food Network had to say about it:

Where’s the beef? It’s in Wyoming. Lasso plenty of beef-centric eats at the Wyoming State Fair, held every August in Douglas. The vendors keep it classic with BBQ beef sandwiches, prime rib sandwiches and steaks, but nothing quite satisfies on a summer day like a good old-fashioned burger. Follow the meat-loving herds to the Douglas Rotary Club booth, where volunteers serve the fan favorite: a grilled, locally-raised beef patty topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions on a bun.

You can never go wrong with a good burger from any fair. And based on what the Food Network said, I think we're all ready for one right now. But of course, don't forget about the turkey legs, funnel cakes, and other awesome treats to devour August 16th through August 20th in Douglas.

There's going to be plenty of good eats for everyone within the next couple of months, Wyoming. Please try to pace yourself. But definitely enjoy it!

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