Everyone knows that Playboy is best known for it's award winning articles, right? Well, here is one article that Playboy put together that's well worth the read!  It's a list of each state's signature food or drink as selected by each states residents.  They put the survey out and asked people on Reddit to comment.

I like this article for one main reason:  It is actually based on the opinion of the people in each state, not just some food blogger who got hired because their dad is golf buddies with the CEO.  OK, I might have a few issues that I need to work out, but this survey is pretty cool and I think it hits pretty close to the mark in most states.

Anyway, here are a few quick observations from the list Playboy published.

A lot of states made safe, traditional picks.  Like, Pennsylvania picked cheese steaks and New York picked bagels.  For Kentucky it's bourbon and Michigan picked Coney dogs, Illinois is known for it's deep dish pizza, Louisiana picked gumbo and Texas went with Tex-Mex.

Oregon went with beer as it looks like they are really staking their claim as the craft brewery capital of the U.S.  Wisconsin also went with beer, I figured it would be that or cheese.

But for some reason Delaware picked beer too?  If you know beer, Dogfish Head Brewery was one of the first craft beer companies to go up against Bud, Miller, and Coors.  But Delaware also has some amazing seafood, guess they couldn't think of anything else?

California went with the delicious In-N-Out Burger, which is a much better choice than the stereotypical tofu that most folks think Californians eat.

Surprisingly, only two states went with barbecue:  Kansas and Alabama.  Although North Carolina went with pulled pork, and Tennessee went with ribs.

Two states went with Rocky Mountain oysters, if I have to explain it you might not want to try it.  But, good call for Montana and Colorado!

Wyoming however, chose our beloved Elk as our signature dish and I whole heartedly agree!  Nothing better than an Elk steak on my plate at supper time!

But the saddest pick of all goes to Arkansas, which went with "meth cookies."  I looked it up, to see if that's like a name for a artisan dessert or something . . . but it's not.  They really picked big old chunks of meth as the signature state food...That's hilarious!!

Source: Playboy