The vehicles had it coming. Seriously. Bull elk during rut will aggressively attack just about anyone and anything. But, there was one infamous bull nearly 10 years ago that went out of his way to set a vehicle damage record.

This video shared by the National Park Service in Yellowstone dates back to 2012. It's practically a how-not-to lesson on what you don't do in your vehicle around elk. Here's the official line from the NPS back in the day:

During the autumn rut, bull elk become very unpredictable and easily agitated. This video demonstrates why it is not wise to stop too close to elk even if you stay in your vehicle.

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All I could do was shake my head in disbelief at some of the numbskulls who went so far as to taunt the bull elk around his ladies. Small red truck in particular, I'm talking to you.

It's an insurance adjustors nightmare. How would you like to explain how you did a really dumb thing around a large mammal and now you need the frame of your car straightened? At the very least, someone's gonna need a new paint job done.

Yes, these majestic elk are a wonder to see. But, especially during the rut, you need to make sure you keep your distance and keep it moving when in their proximity unlike practically every car in this National Park Service video.

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