I really don't enjoy calling people names, but I can't stop myself in this case. It's a flashback to the time when the dumb dude tried to ride a bison in Yellowstone National Park.

Disclaimer: I don't think that the guy that shared the video is the same guy that tried to convince a bison to let him ride it. Let's let the guilty remain nameless in this case. This happened 5 summers ago at Yellowstone.

Since this was first shared, the video has been viewed over 13 million times. The comments on YouTube pretty much say it all.

Nomad762 said - "You're not very friendly, are you." Actually, he was extremely friendly & patient. An unfriendly one would have gored and/or trampled you for your stupidity.

DamsAreBiotic - This mans stats: Intelligence 0 Luck 100

GulyGulyGa - Does he think he’s a Disney princess, talking to animals

I would concur on all of those thoughts. If Bon Jovi were to write a song for this guy, it would be "You Give Tourists a Bad Name". Most that visit the park respect the wildlife and keep their distance from wild animals, but when the world thinks of Yellowstone tourists, incidents like this are what sadly come to mind.

The fact that this male bison was shaking his tail (multiple times) at this person means he was seconds away from a hurting if not death. I don't wish harm on anyone including this dummy, but I have to confess I was cheering for the bison to exact revenge.

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