About every other day someone has a "psychic vision" claiming the super-volcano under Yellowstone is about to end the world.. Then nothing happens. The area around the park is naturally prone to earthquakes, but one little tremor and the sky is falling. If a rock falls somewhere near the park, some quack believes this is cause for alarm.

National Geographic just published an article stating that another volcano could be more devastating than Yellowstone. It is Mount Rainier in Washington. One scientist "rolls her eyes" at the mention of Yellowstone blowing its top.

In the story by National Geographic, Dr. Krippner believes Mount Rainier is much more of a threat. It isn't lava or ash clouds that are concerning. Her fear comes from lahars that are a result of rapidly melting glacier ice that storms down the mountain in violent mudslides.

Krippner talks about a volcano eruption in Columbia where the lahars devastated the region, and could be extremely hazardous in Washington in Rainier wakes from its slumber.

It is a fact that any volcanic activity would be a national disaster regardless of the location. Sure, a Yellowstone eruption could wipe us all out, but it is refreshing to know that I'm not the only one who rolls their eyes each time someone claims it's about to happen.

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