Since I am the new member of the My Country 95.5 family, it's seems like I should introduce myself. My name is Doc Holliday and yes, that is my real name.

It sounds like one of those made-up radio names, doesn't it? Well, it's not. Yes, the "Doc" part is a nickname that got slapped onto me around 30 years ago. But, I really am a Holliday and there's a good chance I'm related to the actual famous gunfighter, John Henry Holliday.

Back in the mid-1990's I received a phone call from Karen Holliday Tanner. She was working on a book about the real Doc Holliday's family and wanted information about our wing of the Holliday clan. That was the first time I learned that we might be connected to the real John Henry Holliday. That conversation led my wife to do the genealogy research to learn the truth.

John Henry "Doc" Holliday was born in Georgia. You can check out his family tree on the Geni website. My wife found the family member we believe is common between us and Doc in John Holliday who lived in St. Louis. He was a prominent and successful businessman which is one thing we definitely do not have in common.

While it may sound cool to have a famous wild west gunslinger in your family tree, I must confess my wife found some other relatives that aren't quite so nice. We are also cousins to John Wesley Hardin who was probably the meanest outlaw in the Wild West. According to Wikipedia, he once shot a man for snoring too loud. Keep this in mind if you are in front of me in the 20-items-or-less line at the store with more than 20 items.

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