Thanks to the folks at Wyoming Air Company, you can now enjoy the freshest and purest air Wyoming has to offer.

Yes, I was skeptical at first too. But this is the real deal. Wyoming Air Company has one simple mission, to bring craft bottled air to the world. There are several different products offered by Wyoming Air Company. You can a buy a bottle of their Grand Teton Blend that promises "hints of lupine flower and gusts of wind sweeping through the Teton canyons..."  They offer a Jackson Hole Blend for those with a "sophisticated palette" and a Yellowstone Blend which "much like the wild bison,was not made to be tamed."

Once again, this is a real thing. Their slogan "We're full of it" is just pretty much perfect. I did notice that a portion of their proceeds will be donated to help support National Parks and open land conservation efforts. Nothing wrong with that. Not sure if I will buy a bottle, but I would probably rock a t-shirt.

Would you buy a bottle of craft air?