The world needs more cowboys, and once you've been a University of Wyoming Cowboy you'll always be one at heart.

Josh Allen was Quarterback for the Pokes from 2015 to 2017 and during his time at UW he was a beloved fan favorite.

Pokes fans watched the 2018 NFL draft and were thrilled when The Buffalo Bills drafted Allen with the seventh overall pick in the draft.

On July 25, he signed a four-year, fully guaranteed $21 million contract with the Bills.

Thousands of Wyoming fans have watched the last two years of his career and gleefully cheered him on when he led the team to the playoffs in the 2019 season.

Josh Allen has continued to make his Wyoming fans proud during his 2020 season

When it was announced in September that he would have his own cereal "Josh's Jaqs" it was no surprise that part of the profits from each box sold is donated to The Children's Hospital of Buffalo.

Sadly, the cereal isn't available at any Wyoming grocery chains, though you can order it at and have it shipped to your home.

But, I just came across a tweet that shared that you can now purchase "Josh's Jaqs" in Laramie at the University of Wyoming Bookstore.

So, if you happen to be in Laramie make sure you take some time to stock up on "Josh's Jaqs".

Though you might want to buy two to eat and one to display.

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