Just in case you start to think too much of yourself, it's nice to be reminded by nature that you're not quite as epic as you think. That's especially true of a new video showing two bull elk in a showdown near Estes Park.

The guy that shared the video on YouTube had a simple explanation of what he saw last weekend:

I came across this amazing scene on Estes Park Golf Course at around 5pm. As you can see, we had hundreds of elk.

I have learned that there's a big difference between bull elk sparring versus fighting. RMEF Elk Network broke it down like this. Sparring allows male elk to casually show their strength while fighting involves puncture wounds and excessive damage as the guys decide who mates with the elk ladies. Like I said, nature.

Yes, you might think you're big stuff in your world, but you're not at the level of the majesty of a bull elk. Glad this guy was able to capture one of the gentler moments from these amazing animals in our neck of America.

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