Underoos...innocent enough in the '70s, but when you watch this old TV commercial through the lenses of 21st century political correctness, it sort of borders on creepy...not to mention just plain weird. I'm still man enough to say I bounced around in a few pairs, and I turned out fine. 

Underoos were created by a man named Larry Weiss. He managed to snag the rights to license almost all of the major cartoon characters of the day, and proceeded to give them new life on our childrens' backsides. Interesting enough, he tried to offer his unique product to the Hanes company, but they turned him down. Fruit of the Loom, however was in from the get-go, and when they got the opportunity, they seized the chance to own the Underoos brand. They're still making them today.

The video is still weird.

Given my preoccupation with superheros, it should come as no shocker that little Cowboy Troy was quite fond of his. I remember my Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Boba Fett sets. Bedtime took on a whole new meaning. We had a full length mirror in the bathroom, and that's where I performed my most heroic feats, and I had a blast. So just in case you ever wonder "where does he come up with this stuff," there ya go.

I don't have any real negative comments to add except for not understanding why some of the Underoos had the emblems and markings and made you look like the character, while others just had a picture of said character, which I didn't like at all. Why would Darth Vader be wearing a T-shirt with his own likeness on the front? Uh, he wouldn't. And they were blue! He should've forced those guys to come up with a better design. Darth's could've been the greatest of them all, too. His chest had a lot going on!

Now on to this commercial, which would never get by today's standards and practices, and you'll quickly see why. Kids singing and dancing choreographed moves around Boba Fett, C-3PO, and R2-D2. Oh, it's kinda cool...but weird.