Happy Friday!  Let's get out of here and go play, OK?  First, let's end the suspense and let you see where Cowboy's been hanging out all this week.

You got me! I was at the Ace Hardware on 2nd, which just happens to be a great locally-owned store. 

I will admit that it was the first time since I've begun this that employees or owners actually came out and questioned me as to why I was taking pictures. I can't really blame them, I guess. They might have thought I was a terrorist or a disgruntled customer with an axe to grind.  There were no problems, however. I don't know if they recognized me or not.

We'd like to congratulate Matt Hollingsworth and Danny Tripp! Stop by our studios at 150 North Nichols and we'll treat you both to a couple of passes to the downtown Movie Palaces!

Another exciting location comes Sunday night!