Let's hear it for the weekend!  Not only can we look forward to escaping the grind of the last few days, but we clear up the biggest mystery of the week...WHERE(echo)IN(echo)CASPER(echo)IS(echo)COWBOY(echo)TROY(ECHO, Echo, echo.o)

You might've noticed we're calling this one a little early.  That's because I don't see the need to punish myself anymore.  The consensus seemed to be quite clear this week, and I will say that bummed me out a little bit.  More on that in a minute.

Click me to see who takes home the gravy.

























So as many of you have known from Day 1, I walked out to the fishermen statue on the Platte, just to the southeast of Jonah Bank.  It's name is "Striking Silver."  (Thanks, Amy!) The sculptor is Fred Boyer.  It's legend will be that it was touched and given magical healing powers by Cowboy Troy.

Congratulations go out to Tamara Wintermote and George Johnson!  You've both won two free movie passes to the downtown Movie Palaces.  Those may be picked up at our studios at 150 North Nichols during regular business hours.

Now read on if you want to know why I'm just a little upset.

Actually, my feelings are just a little hurt.  You see, you WEREN'T supposed to get this one on the first try!  I actually walked into the river up to my moobs to get these shots.  I was proud!  This was my defining moment...the one that people would remember me for forever!  And you got it on the very first one.  One word - buzzkill

On the other hand, I think it's really cool and quite surprising that you were able to identify "...Silver" so quickly.  C'mon!  That first picture was practically just a brown square.  There was the pocket though and a little sunlight.  I'm still just blown away that you nailed it that quickly.

We'll see if we can beat you next week.