How does a $1 sub sandwich sound? Pretty darn good!

Even though the Casper store just opened on Monday, they will be participating along with other Jimmy John's stores in offering $1 sandwiches in conjunction with their Customer Appreciation Day.

And of course there are a few stipulations. The sandwiches included are #1-#6, BLT, and Slims are all available for $1 on the Customer Appreciation Day. All of the $1 subs come on French bread or if you’re trying to curb carbs, the JJ Unwich lettuce wrap will be available at no additional charge. If you would like to get a sandwich on JJ’s 9-grain wheat bread there may be an additional fee depending on the location.

This is available in store only, no drive thru and no delivery.

Good luck and take your patience along for the ride because there are already long lines to get in the new store.