It is summertime, and many people throw out their utensils and only eat foods that can be eaten with their hands.

That may be a bit much, but I think the summer season requires much less use of utensils. BBQ ribs, fast food, veggies, ice cream cones, pizza, etc.

It's not that crazy of a concept; it's how most of us learned to eat. Babies sitting in a high chair aren't going to be able to use a spoon or a fork, so the obvious thing is for them to pick the food up with their fingers and go to town.

You probably would make fun of someone eating pizza with a fork or cutting up a sandwich and eating it with a spoon, wouldn't you?

Utensils haven't always been common practice, at least for the last few thousand years. Eating claims the knife is the oldest, followed by chopsticks, spoons, forks, and sporks.

Having table manners and knowing how to and when to use your utensils can get you far in life, but sometimes it's just fun to grab food and eat with your hands. So today would be a great day to save water on washing dishes and just use your God-given eating utensils—your hands.

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