Wind, snow and darkness can all make winter one of the toughest seasons to bare.  But if you think Wyoming's winter is bad, believe it or not, there are states that have it worse than we do. just released their list of the states with the worst winters and Wyoming came it at #12.  Not at #1 or 2 as some people would have you believe.  Iowa comes in at #11 boasting more 'white outs', snow accumulations and number of days with hazardous driving conditions.

Even though most of the cowboy state gets wind whipped from December through April, those winds actually help to keep the temperatures up.  Of course when mixed with snow it can make travel a bit nerve wracking if not down right dangerous at times.

But if you're wondering who the 10 states with the worst weather are?  Check out the video above and / or view the list here.

10 - Massachusetts

9 - Montana

8 - Idaho

7 - Wisconsin

6 - South Dakota

5 - Maine

4 - North Dakota

3 - Alaska

2 - Michigan

1 - Minnesota



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