Picking the right spot to take a new love interest on the first date is important. You want to put time and effort into the first date so you make a good first impression. Casper and the surrounding areas have fantastic options to help make that impression a little easier.

I don't often go to Cosmo for advice, but thought that would be a good starting place to tell you you where NOT to go before giving you the ideas of where TO go on the first date. Remember, we're talking about first dates here not after you've actually established a connection. According to Cosmopolitan.com, a few of the NEVER go on a first date places (especially if you want there to be a second date) are...

  • A friend's birthday party, nobody enjoys having to stand around in a group and force conversation with people they don't know.
  • A family dinner, you're just setting yourself up for failure by introducing your date to the parents already.
  • A fast food restaurant, buck up and at least go to a place they bring a menu and drinks to the table.
  • To watch you and your friends sit around and play video games...(can't believe this even had to be said)

One thing that was interesting was the number of people that hadn't gone on a date in a Casper for a long time and responded... "wait, y'all are getting dates?" "I rarely got dates when I live in Casper" "when you find out, let me know" "someone has to ask me first" "date, what's that" "nope, no dates here"... ***Side note...people are single and ready to mingle in the Casper area, so ask and you may get that date!

With the help of Social Media, we've put together 10 great ideas in or around Casper for you to impress on what could be your 'last first date'.

10 First Date Options in Casper

Going on a first date is stressful, we're helping you find the best place to go.

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