John Moore, Getty Images
It was as easy as falling off a petrified Wyoming log to give advice to someone moving to Wyoming. That was in this post that still reads amusing to any Wyomingite.
Ironically, there are actually more citizens moving out of Wyoming now, says a report on states migrating population, courtesy of Atlas Van Lines. It's time for a few words to those who’ve never lived anywhere else, but find themselves having to leave our beloved Cowboy State.
The Top 10 changes in store for exiting Wyomingites:
10. Other people - like Cheyenne Frontier Days hordes - only not just 10 days a year.
9.  Meat section has no fresh elk, antelope, and venison (rocky mountain oysters).
8.  After a month away from Wyoming, you'll open the door one day and yell, “God, does this humidity ever break!” No – especially in the east, or on the gulf coast.
7.  More liberals – especially on any coast.
6.  As if all wildlife was raptured, animals you’re used to seeing just aren't around.
5.  If there are state taxes, start saving now.
4.  Your neighbors live much closer to you, but may be harder to get to know.
3. Unless in another Rocky Mountain state, Pokes and Broncos games aren't on tv.
2.  You will now have traffic - and not little deer back-ups - real traffic - and everyday!
1.  Until your first hurricane, for a while you'll have no more wind.