Wyoming is well known for its wide open spaces and majestic scenery. As breathtaking and awe inspring as our natural beauty can be, road trips in the Cowboy State can also be dangerous.

Here are ten things you may encounter the next time you're driving through or across Wyoming.

1. At least one 18-wheeler will cut you off. If you're on Interstate 80 between Laramie and Cheyenne, this will usually happen right as you are coming down the hill.

2. That same trucker will kick up rocks and shatter your windshield.

3. A gust of wind will nearly run you off the road.

4. You will get stuck behind a tractor in a no-passing lane.

5. You'll play "Pronghorn Frogger" as you dodge animals at dusk.

6. You will see a sign that reads "Next Services: 50 Miles".

7. You will end up someplace so remote that even your GPS has no idea where you are.

8. Your cell phone will drop at least 5 calls.

9. The guy speeding past you with the California license plate will get busted with 90 pounds of weed in his trunk.

10. You'll drive through a blizzard in the middle of summer.

Honorable Mention: You may encounter a "Wyoming Traffic Jam".


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