They say that some people are born under a bad sign or born with a mean streak — but we’re sick to death of talking about Mel Gibson.

It turns out that those tired cliches may not be that far from the truth. A study conducted at the University of Buffalo found that people with a tendency to be meaner had attitudes that were partially shaped by their genetic code responding to their negative view of their environment.

Here are some ways to tell if you got the mean genes.

1. You once ratted on your parents to the cops and had them arrested while you were still in the womb.

2. When other kids misbehaved, their moms would make them spend time in “time out.” When you misbehaved, your mom made you spend a night in “the box.”

3. You sued the makers of ‘The Omen’ for lifting passages from your autobiography.

4. You’re a Kardashian.

5. Every babysitter you’ve ever had is now a psychiatric ward of the state.

6. The prank you played on your third grade teacher earned you a spot on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List.

7. As a kid, you stole enough lunch money to lure Alex Rodriguez away from the Texas Rangers to the New  York Yankees.

8. You taught a young Dick Cheney how to say “go [bleep] yourself.”

9. Someone tried to steal candy from you while you were a baby and they needed a full spine transplant.

10. As a toddler, you held a record of 12 knockouts and 23 submissions.

11. You’re the reason ‘Bully’ was up for an NC-17 rating.

12. Your mother made your diapers out of sandpaper.