Just about a dozen helicopters flew over Casper on Monday afternoon which caught the eye of hundreds of onlookers from the ground.

No Casper wasn't being invaded, instead it was our own Wyoming National Guard flying their helicopters to a safe location.  According to posts on the Natrona County International Airport Facebook page, members of the Wyoming National Guard were bringing the helicopters along with one transport plane to NCIA to avoid potentially dangerous weather around the Camp Guernsey area.

"We’re expecting 19 UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters in the next hour or so, so if you see them flying over Casper we’re not being invaded....well, we don’t think so...."

We are not sure how long the black hawks will be in Natrona County, but want to welcome our military members to town and thank them for their surprise visit on Monday afternoon.  The formation of helicopters flying overhead brought smiles to the faces of hundreds of folks around town, young and old alike.

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