If you like to dream, Sunburst Lodge on Casper Mountain is available. Here are 15 pics inside and out from one of Casper's most iconic buildings and it could be yours for a price.

Sunburst Lodge is one of the most beautiful Casper things you can currently find on Zillow. There's a good chance you've been to a special event at Sunburst at some point as it's been the scene of weddings, meetings or just onlookers like me that like to go up on the mountain and stare at it.

The Zillow listing is interesting as it gives some specifications of Sunburst that I was not aware of:

The 13.5± deeded acres of the property contain the 5,434 square foot, seven bedroom, nine bathroom lodge with attached two-car garage, a large treehouse, and a 2,700 square foot steel shop.

Yes, it's located adjacent to Hogadon which means skiing is right there in your backyard almost.

This kind of iconic Casper beauty does come at a price. The Zillow listing currently shows the asking price of $2.3 million, but boy would I jump at that if my bank account had enough zeroes to the left side of the decimal point. If you do have the means, Travis Gitthens is the listing agent who I have no doubt would be happy to give you a tour.

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