Ann-Maire Young and Adelaide Williams are students at Glenrock High School and members of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

Each year FBLA members create a community service project, and this year the girls developed the "Bags of Sunshine Project".

"Bags of Sunshine" are goodie bags created for chemotherapy patients. Each bag is filled with 15 items, some for men and others for women. Items include: Pillows, blankets, chapstick, books, mugs, tea, and other items to offer comfort and entertainment.

When I asked Young why they chose this particular community project she responded.

We saw how hard and how big of an impact chemotherapy has on not only the patients but also their families. And we had a few close friends that we going through chemotherapy and we just thought that they needed a little bit of light in their lives during a dark time.

Ann-Marie young
Ann-Marie young

Young and Williams have created 35 bags already, thanks to donations and help from their classmates, and now they want to ask other communities in central Wyoming to help.

If you'd like to donate items or make "Bags of Sunshine" of your own, you can follow the instructions on the flyer below.

If you're a local business that wants to donate items to help Young and Williams with their "Bags of Sunshine" project you can use the contact information listed at the end of the flyer.


If you're a chemotherapy patient and have suggestions of items you'd love to see in a "Bag of Sunshine" please use the My Country 95.5 App to let us know.

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