Saturday, April 29th 2017 was the 25th Anniversary of the Tough Man Fishing Tournament at Alcova Reservoir hosted by the North Platte Walleye Unlimited.

The North Platte Walleye Unlimited put on another successful Tough Man tournament with the help of lots volunteers and some great sponsors.

Each year the beginning of the Tough Man tournament is conducted as a 'gentleman's start'.  Meaning, everyone is supposed to stay behind a certain point, until the starting horn sounds.  Then it's drop the hammer on the boat throttle and race to your favorite fishing hole.  Many boats headed out on to the main lake this year, while about a third or more of the field raced up through Alcova's section of the Fremont Canyon.

This year's Tough Man started 37 boats at 7am with the morning air temperature at a balmy 26 degrees.  Although it was clear and cold, every angler was thankful that the weather wasn't worse!

Ride along as I was able to capture a portion of the race up the canyon with my GoPro cameras facing forward and backwards.  Mine is not the fastest boat on the water, but I was running almost 50 MPH for most of the video.

I was hoping to be able to post the final results here as well, but have not received that info at the time of this post.  So I will post the results as soon as I receive them.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who participated this year!

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