After a down year in 2020, tourism in Wyoming bounced back with a record breaking summer in 2021. The numbers in Yellowstone alone are big enough to show the state had a really good year.

Fortunately over the last couple of years, Yellowstone National Park has completed over $100 million in projects to help with transportation, traffic and make the park experience even more enjoyable for park visitors.

One of the best years in recent history was in 2016 when 4.2 million people visited Yellowstone. With the slow down in 2020 due to the pandemic, where only 3.8 million visited, the hope was that 2021 would be a bounce back year.

According to numbers from the National Park Service, 2021 bounced back and broke records with over 4.4 million people visiting the park. Nearly every month had a higher amount of people visiting than any previous year. With 2021's attendance (through September) the park has hosted over 195.5 million visitors since 1904.

With over 195.5 million visitors over the years, you know there have been many Touron issues that have been a problem. You'd think that in over 100 years people visiting the National Parks would learn how to handle the rules, regulations and how to handle the large animal population.

Remember the park offers rules to assure safety to you, your family, vehicles, other visitors and the animals that call Yellowstone National Park Home.

Here are a couple videos from over the years of Yellowstone National Park guests coming in contact or being too close to approaching wildlife. Be safe and get ready for 2022 in Yellowstone.

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